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Elegance in Deauville

Every year in the fall , there was a special event, the end of Paris -Deauville rally. The hyppodrome became the location of an unusual meeting of cars from the past. The owners of these rare vehicles were also exceptional . The photos published here are relatively old, they date from the late 1990s. Between portraits and close-ups of these cars. Black and white images are Kodak or Ilford negatives (TMAX or HP5 ). Color images are dias, at that time, it was difficult to challenge the supremacy of Fuji. Again, this is perhaps not great art at all, but what might be a kind of interest, it's to have a look on these pictures almost 20 years later. Souvenir , Souvenir ...For lovers of unique beautiful cars , there is an extra, mostly located in the castle of Martainville. Passion does also exist in small local clubs. Deauville, first part Deauville, second part More vintage cars