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The streets of Chinguetti are no more sure?

rue de Chinguetti, Mauritanie

Almost 10 years ago. First, landing in Atar, the pilot did it manually, the plane did 3 great circles in the sky before approaching the runway, a little bit short for this kind of plane. The girl, sitting close to me, just vomitted in the relevant paper bag. Then we were waiting outside to get the visa as the airport is too small, it was of course already warm. 2 or 3 hours driving later, we arrived in Chinguetti, the gateway to the desert, the place where the movie Fort Saganne was made with Gérard Depardieu and Sophie Marceau. The main street does offer a surprising spectacle. In the middle, some vintage cars, some people whose bicycles have been self-built. Funny hitches here and there. Goats are walking free. Daily concerns are far from our Western world. That is the gateway to the desert, the beach, the beach and the beach again ...