Walnut Canyon

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Walnut Canyon was once filled with the sounds of a busy community as families hunted, planted, and harvested with the seasons. Children were born, grew up, and raised children of their own. They were neither the first nor the last to use and value what this canyon has to offer. But they left behind the greatest legacy.

When they moved on they did not give up their responsability to care for this ancestral village and those left behind. Sites were and are revisited by descendants. Prayers are still offered. Plants are still ritually gathered.

Walnut Canyon was and -is- a place that resonates with life.

This was a community of relatives and neighbors. Its members worked together to haul water, hunt animals, and gather plants. They likely assisted each other with large fields on the rims. They shared walls and resources, joy and sorrow, success and failure.

While cross-canyon dwellings may seem difficult to reach, a network of paths quickly closed the gaps. Close communication between households would have been common and necessary to a cooperative lifestyle. At least five cliff dwellings are visible from here; not all are on the same level.